Avonside Launch Customer Surveys

Published by: Marketing on February 16, 2017 at 11:34 AM

Avonside Group has launched its latest initiative to drive ongoing operational excellence to all of its client base. From February 2017 it will introduce a new automated Customer Feedback survey which will go to both Commercial and Production areas of its clients and allow the client to feedback directly on the standards of performance across all areas of its operation.

The survey – which takes literally seconds to complete – will then allow the Company to analyse areas for improvement across all of its operating branches. Any surveys that fall below the expected standard will prompt a non-conformance report which will require a specific action plan to address.

Avonside’s Group Sales & Marketing Director, Eddie Stanton commented “ We see this as part of our ongoing commitment to delivering operational excellence to our clients, by allowing them to feedback their views on our on-site performance without any filters, we can highlight areas for development quickly and effectively. At Avonside we recognise that a high standard of operational excellence is a key differentiator, and we are introducing the necessary processes within our business to maintain and improve standards".

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